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dna testing Every single human being (except for identical twins) is genetically unique.  DNA is responsible for factors such as eye color, hair color, stature, bone structure, and many other observable traits.  DNA testing is used to identify individuals and family relationships by means of a process called DNA fingerprinting.  Forensic genetics relies on DNA fingerprinting to determine a person's identity, investigate paternity claims, and confirm a person's presence at a specific location in the event of a criminal investigation.

DNA Test Kits

A home DNA test kit is used when attempting to determine paternity.  Included in the typical kit is a pair of serrated cotton swabs and sample tubes.  The simple procedure for collecting DNA requires swabbing both cheeks inside the mouth with the cotton swabs to gather cheek cells and then placing them in the tubes.  A sample should be gathered from the cheeks of the child and the father in question.  Once the samples are mailed back to the testing company, a laboratory DNA analysis is done, and the results are usually available in a few weeks.  While home DNA testing kits are simple to use, they are not admissible in a court of law, where the DNA testing must be fully documented through a more rigorous approach.  When required, the court will assign individuals directly to an approved lab for monitored testing.

DNA Testing Solutions

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